Hi there! I'm Amanda, the maker and creative director behind Bast + Bruin. Together with my husband, Clark (business manager and creative support team), we make home decor for the modern bohemian inspired by nature, culture, and tradition!


Bast + Bruin started as a true labor of love. Back when we got engaged in 2014, Clark and I decided right away that we wanted to design and create most of the decor that we would be using in our wedding. At that point in our life together we had already been dreaming up and making things for our home for years, so we knew that having a wedding that felt 100% true to us would include a lot of our own work and designs. We had SO much fun with every step of the process and were so blown away by the response from our friends and family that we gradually started to realize that maybe our crazy little dream of someday having our own design studio was possible! 

The name "Bast + Bruin" comes from our love for each other and for all things history, culture, adventure, mythology, tradition... in other words all the things that make us who we are! The name actually originated with our (inside joke) spirit animal names for each other - Clark is a bear and I'm a lion. From there, Clark became Bruin, the folk term for brown bears often used in fables (also, it helps that he's a UCLA alum), and I became Bast which comes from Bastet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and protection often depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness. These characterizations felt just right because they so perfectly encapsulate all of the traits that make up Bast + Bruin products: tradition and culture with a modern aesthetic layered with a subtle hint of playfulness.

Bast + Bruin's flagship product is, of course, our dreamcatchers. I have been fascinated by these soulful objects since I was little girl, and my love for them was featured prominently at our wedding! My first project was making 80 unique dreamers to give as favors to our guests and my favorite designs turned into the first few editions of Bast + Bruin Dreamcatchers (specifically Dreamers No. 1 - 5). Those original designs continue to serve as inspiration for new products all the time! 

Clark and I are dedicated to living a life full of adventure and culture, and Bast + Bruin is, in all senses, a brand that encompasses this lifestyle and all the dreaming that comes along with it. Each piece in on our shop is 100% designed and handmade by us. Our dreamers have been designed to honor their heritage while complementing contemporary styles. And our Fiber Hangings are inspired by the colors in both urban and natural settings and are born of traditional fiber art with their beautiful, high quality yarns chosen for a mix of textures while maintaining a distinctly modern aesthetic thanks to the industrial metal base. We're always working on new products and designs, so check back often to see what we've been dreaming up!

We leave you with this poem by Langston Hughes - one that has served as a mantra in our life and our business. From our little family studio to your home, we hope that every Bast + Bruin product is infused with the love and magic of this message:

The Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamer,
Bring me all your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world.