yarn hanging no. 3

Inspired by the traditions, cultures, and colors of the American West, our fiber/metal wall hangings are the perfect pop of modern color and texture for completing an edgy gallery wall or adding that little something to any corner of your world.


➔ 100% handmade from start to finish with carefully chosen materials. This wall hanging features a copper pipe with yarn in the following colors (roughly left to right in picture #1): indigo, teal, charcoal, green-blue, fuchsia, fruit punch, strawberry, and sea foam. 

➔ Each piece of yarn is cut to a specific length and adhered to a 20" x .5" copper pipe. Approximate dimensions are: 20" wide x 18" long (at the longest point).  

➔ Method of display is customizable: each yarn hanging comes with removable end caps and 5 ft lengths of translucent fishing line and natural twine that can be used to hang the item in whatever way works best for your space. 


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