fiber hanging no. 5

Fiber Hanging No. 5 // Inspired by the traditions, cultures, and colors of the American West, our fiber wall hangings are the perfect pop of modern color and texture for completing an edgy gallery wall or adding that little something to any corner of your world. Fiber Hanging No. 5 is cheerful and modern with pops of bright cherry, fuchsia, and teal balanced by a moody palette of grays and deep blues. This colorful wall hanging is perfect for adding texture and just a touch of color and contrast to minimalist and mid century decor. 

➔ 100% handmade from start to finish with carefully chosen materials. This wall hanging features a copper pipe with yarn in the following colors (roughly left to right in picture #1): slate, charcoal braid, indigo, gray, teal, heather gray, cloud, fuchsia, and bright cherry. 

➔ Each piece of yarn is cut to a specific length and adhered to a 20" x .5" copper pipe. Approximate dimensions are: 20" wide x 18" long (at the longest point). 

➔ Method of display is customizable (see picture #5): each fiber/metal wall hanging comes with removable end caps and 5 ft lengths of translucent fishing line and natural twine that can be used to hang the item in whatever way works best for your space. 

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